What guides me

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The Science of Flourishing (made digestible)

I design my offerings with the most current, research-backed and transformative research available in the fields of neuroscience, biology, psychology, epigenetics, the microbiome, sleep, exercise, nutrition, coaching, spirituality and more. Don’t let that intimidate you!  I make it all accessible through practical, transformational tools that you can use in real life.

Knowledge without action won’t get you far

It’s not enough to know cool facts about caring for your body and mind. With the amount of information out there, you could spend all your time learning about the latest diet trends and pop psychology memes without ever actually doing anything.

That’s why I focus on helping you, your organization or community establish a system of care that includes practices from all the pillars of wellness.

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Humans can’t flourish without a healthy planet

It seems silly to put something so obvious in writing: humans depend on clean air, clean water, healthy soil, plants and animals.  When we take care of the earth we take care of ourselves. That’s why I use and promote sustainable, earth-friendly products and services.

More fierce nurturers are needed

The world needs more people who are healthy, happy and loving and who show up as a force for good in the world. Human and planetary flourishing should be foundational to the way we work, play, communicate, do business, and govern. All my products and services support this belief. 

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