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If you have an opportunity to work with Elizabeth Rees, run don’t walk to take her up on this offer!

I will be forever grateful to have her on my care team. I was referred to Elizabeth by my functional medicine doctor during an incredibly stressful time in my life. I was going through a period of uncertainty at work and increased pressures at home that caused my autoimmune condition to flare. When I first started working with Elizabeth, I felt helpless, out-of-control, and alone.

From the moment I first spoke with her, Elizabeth was nothing but compassionate and professional. She helped me regain my confidence and belief that I could impact my autoimmune response by helping me get to the root cause of my stress and anxiety. She did this by truly listening to everything I had to say and asking profound questions. Through these questions and our shared dialogue, she helped me chart a path forward. Elizabeth taught me a variety of self-awareness and soothing techniques that I can now deploy on my own to help me remain calm yet focused.

Elizabeth’s passion for helping others heal from the inside out is contagious! She wants only the best for you and creates an environment that allows you to be vulnerable yet fully aware of what’s happening around you. I truly believe that this hard-to-achieve combination is what gave me the freedom to move forward with an open heart, lowered stress and anxiety levels, and a decreased autoimmune response.

Marcie B.

Liz is such a great facilitator and mentor!

She engages the team and draws out people who are shy or introverts. Step by step she gets the group to form healthy habits and overall modify their outlook. We are grateful for her coaching and this program!

Cynthia E, Oracle 

Loved every moment of it!!

I can’t recommend highly enough! The course helped me focus on balance, and while delving deeply into the topics covered, also gave simple, practical ways to incorporate new practices into my life. The stories, struggles and support of the other women in the group were invaluable. Doing this together created a community that I really value and care about.

Dani B

I am very grateful to you!

I am very grateful for you having created a space for me to reflect and learn. Self-care is cumulative and about the day-to-day habits. And challenging the narratives.

Cindy R

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I highly recommend Liz!

The 360 Life program was a great way to step back and take a look at my life as a whole, and identify the small things I could change to bring myself more peace and joy. It gave me lots of practical takeaways, and helped me reframe the way I approach challenges. The other women in the program were fantastic, and learning and bonding as a group was one of the highlights of the whole experience.

Katie M