Elizabeth Rees is the owner of Interflourish, a business dedicated to changing the way we care for ourselves, each other and the world.

Photo of Elizabeth Rees sitting cross-legged in a forest
Photo of Elizabeth Rees in a forest

Liz is passionate about helping people to flourish through self-care. She uses a multi disciplinary approach to wellness which integrates positive psychology practices with nutrition, movement, and biological sciences to help clients achieve positive, lasting transformations in their lives. Liz is a national board certified health and wellness coach, a positive psychology practitioner certified by the Flourishing Center, certified HeartMath coach and barre instructor.

Before embarking on a career in health and wellness, Liz worked for 12 years in the field of non-profit and international development in the United States, Colombia and Kenya. She holds a Masters degree in International Relations. Liz is a lover of all things outdoors, a former sailboat captain and Peace Corps volunteer, regular meditator, podcast aficionado, and brussel sprout advocate. Liz and her husband Matt have two amazing children and two frisky cats.