My mission

I am dedicated to changing the way we care for ourselves, each other, and the world. I stand for human flourishing.

Woman facing into the sun in a sunflower field

When you truly flourish, you show up fully, have greater energy, and treat people with compassionate, loving respect. Your wellbeing flows from you out into the world you overlap with.

Imagine our world if that was true for everyone.

Group of people diving into the sea from a pier at sunset

You have the power to push change in the direction of human and planetary flourishing. By boldly and fiercely nurturing yourself, you create a ripple that turns into a wave of change.

The way we currently live isn’t working for most people.

Our pace of life is crazy-making and we’re overwhelmed by constant stimulation. The rate of anxiety and depression is on the rise. The cheapest and easiest “foods” are perfectly engineered products that taste amazing but make us overweight and unhealthy.

Social media is great at connecting people, but also triggers a tendency for unhealthy comparisons that make us feel inadequate.  And it sets up a playground for groups of people to rage against one another’s ideas and beliefs and to troll, bully and spread falsehoods.

And then there’s the environmental crisis that’s only getting worse.  An unhealthy planet does not bode well for every species, including us, who depend on it for life.

To counteract this, we need lots more people like you to fiercely nurture yourself so that you become a living example of flourishing in action; to be an example of a different way of living.

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