Free your mind

Stress. Ruminating on what sucks. Anxiety. Depression. Haunting memories. Self doubt. Negative self talk. Blame. Perfectionism. Burnout.

Need I go on?

The mind is a tricky thing. We all have thoughts, feelings, beliefs and memories that have created patterns, like well worn roads, in our minds and bodies. Some of these patterns make life joyful, productive and satisfying while others bring pain and difficulty. But ALL are opportunities to learn and grow.

I use research-based techniques that help you see where your mind is stuck and work to free it.  A free mind allows you to regulate your emotions and see situations clearly and creatively.  In this way you become mentally stronger and more adaptive when life throws you curveballs.

African American woman in blue dress with eyes closed and huge smile

Self-care in this pillar includes:

  • Thought and emotional agility
  • Mindset and Belief
  • Mindfulness
  • Savoring
  • Gratitude
  • Flow

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