Craft your environment

When you walk into a space that’s light, clean and colorful you can’t help but feel uplifted. That’s because your surroundings matter.  Retail stores know this! It’s why they stock certain items at eye level, play upbeat music, and keep tempting candy and magazines on the checkout line. They know that what you see, hear and smell affects your behavior. You can use this same tactic for your own wellbeing.

Get intentional about turning your home, work space and community into places that nurture wellbeing.

I’ll help you create spaces that make good, healthy choices obvious and appealing and make unhealthy choices unavailable, inconvenient and unappealing.  If you want to eat more naturally, remove processed foods from your cabinets and plant an herb garden on your window sill. Place your running shoes and hand weights in plain sight. Charge your cell phone outside your bedroom and remove the T.V. Choose lighting, colors, sounds, scents and things of beauty that bring joy, health, love and peace.  

Crafting your environment extends beyond you!

The healthy choices you make for yourself act as an example that supports others in making similar choices. When your choices take the wellbeing of the environment and community into account, they make a positive impact that ripples far and wide.

Pretty view of computer sitting beside a bunch of flowers

Self-care in this pillar includes:

  • Habit creation
  • Lifestyle systems
  • Organization
  • Beauty
  • Conscious and Intentional Living

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