Deepen your connections

Humans are born completely dependent on our mothers, caregivers and the earth for our very survival. This dependency is why we’re wired for connection.

It’s part of the very design of who we are. Without deep connections we not only fail to thrive, we often become the cause of suffering for others. This pillar covers three kinds of connections. 

No-one flourishes without meaningful, loving and trusting connections with other people. Studies show that having strong social bonds boosts the immune system, lessens depression and anxiety and decreases inflammation that contributes to disease. Good relationships contribute to good health and happiness.

Our connection with nature runs deep.  As we lose our connection with nature, it becomes easier to see the earth as a collection of resources to be mined instead of the very thing that keeps us alive. We evolved from and keep evolving right along with the world of bacteria and viruses, fungi, plants, animals, soil, oceans and rivers. Connecting deeply with the natural world feels good. Falling in love with our planet makes us want to nurture it, just as it nurtures us.

Humans have always sought connection to that which is larger than us – the divine, God, the universe, consciousness, the mystical muse of art, literature, song, poetry or dance. These connections provide meaning, purpose and a shared story of who we are and why we’re here.  Having a spiritual practice is shown to increase one’s physical and mental health.

In our work together, I help you explore and deepen your connections to people, nature and spirit. 

Older couple hugging in a large greenhouse

Self-care in this pillar includes:

  • Relationships
  • Finding meaning and purpose in life
  • Spirituality
  • Mindful awareness
  • Values based living

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