Pillars of wellness

It would be amazing if we could point to one thing and say – “Aha! That’s where flourishing comes from! Do this one thing and you’ll be healthy, happy and at peace.”

But that’s not how it works. There’s no single wellspring from which flourishing flows. Each one of us is unique and complex and we live in an equally complex world. We’re just beginning to understand how interconnected everything is. 

Young woman holding a string of lights during dusk

Self-care is the foundation of flourishing

Lots of things impact your ability to thrive: your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, what you ate for lunch, the amount of sun, fresh air, and movement you get, and the quality of your relationships.  All this and much more contribute to how you show up in the world and the extent you’re able to express your gifts and talents.

Flourishing doesn’t happen by accident. You’ve got to choose it every day by taking care of yourself and creating opportunities for others to do so. The journey to flourishing includes four pillars of wellness.

I’ve bundled self-care practices into four pillars: